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in the studio
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Self-Portrait by:

Nathan Schram

Video documentation of the making of a self-portrait large enough to register on Google Earth.Google_Earth_Portrait.html
Wow! This is more than just clever...Field trip to the Soap Factory exhibitions.ClassField_Trip.html
Student example;  the Drawing StudioAlegra_Lockstad.htmlAlegra_Lockstad.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0

The Louvre Museum project: Two of the four visual essays highlighting work from the permanent collection. My role was co-creator and director. Executive directors, filmakers, Judith Wechsler and Serge La Lou.

First trailer, Painting the Place Between.

These feature articles were written to provide information on local art resources for students and to create a broader dialogue about contemporary art with the general public not formally trained in art.

Hillstrom Museum of Art catelogue,  2011, Gustavus College, St Peter, MN

Kristen Lowe

MN Original Profile

The Minnesota Museum of American Art Opens with Painting the Place Between, fall 2012

2 months, 3 days, is an exhibition of works by freshman through senior Gustavus students enrolled in Professor Lowe’s, Day Course, fall 2012. It is an open class for art majors and non-art majors.,

Painting the Place Between to premier at the Fitzgerard Theater, St Paul, Mn., December 6, 2013. Meet the artists, Betsy Byers, Jil Evans, Holly Swift and Andrew Wykes at 6:45. Film introduction and scrrening begins at 7:45pm.