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Painting the Place Between

Minnesota Museum of American Art Project Space                                                                                                                                   Through February 17, 2013

Co-curated by artist and filmmaker Kristen Lowe and MMAA Curator of Engagement Christina Chang, Painting the Place Between is an exhibition and documentary film that profiles four Minnesota painters—Betsy Byers, Jil Evans, Holly Swift, and Andrew Wykes—as they engage the Minnesota landscape in and around Cannon River, Northfield, the Temperance River, and the Boundary Waters.
Through the physicality of the painted surface—the “place between” the artist, us, and the landscape—these artists shape a vision of our natural space as mediated by the artist’s subjective experience and the legacy and aura of painting on canvas. Their semi-abstract and often emotional works offer up evidence of the role the painter plays in how we view and interpret our landscapes as common ground and shared legacy.