Song Thao


BA Studio Art, Gustavus Adolphus College; MFA Painting and Drawing; Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Currently resides in Minneapolis, MN.

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Recent article on Thao’s work from Quodlibetica :


My art is a reflection of my life as a Hmong and American person.  These two identities continuously shape how I experience and perceive the disparate worlds I am a part of. I am interested in the concept of the Hmong story cloth, the idea of telling a story, and documenting an experience.  Working with water-based materials, I usually begin each painting with a vague idea, allowing chance and intuition to be a part of the work.  Creating a network of lines, and leaving a wash of color between those lines can suggest containment.

I think of my process as a kind of mental mapping, where I create paintings that describe and trace how I experience my worlds.  It is the bridging between this internal way of working with my external interests in story cloth designs, and my identity as a Hmong and American person that makes art a unique part of my life. Understanding abstraction in this sense is like understanding a map, where reading how different marks interact and where they are placed, leads a person to a particular location.