Types of Air Conditioning Systems You Can Choose

There are various types of air conditioning Melbourne available in the market. It depends upon the user as to which one he or she chooses. One of the most common types is heat pumps. Air conditioners that use heat pumps are mostly preferred by users who live in areas where the air temperature varies on a seasonal basis, like the summers and winters. The system works on the principle of drawing hot air from outside and pulling it inside.

Air Conditioning MelbourneHeat pumps that work through air conditioning systems utilise a special design to regulate the heat they emit. In this way, they become a dual function rather than just a heat pump. They are most commonly installed in window air conditioning units, but some models can also be installed in buildings with conventional coolers. On the other hand, portable air conditioners utilise a venture mechanism that draws warm air into the room. The process of using the heat pump is that the air is drawn into the room through an opening right at the bottom of the unit.

Another one of the popular types of air conditioning Melbourne systems is the centralised air conditioning systems. These use a series of cooling and heating ducts located in a central location. These ducts are usually manufactured out of aluminium. They have different types of fans used depending on the type of cooling or heating needed for the area.

Ductless cool air conditioning Melbourne systems operate in a very similar fashion to the ductless types, but there are some differences. For instance, the cool air compressor is not placed in the central air conditioning system. Instead, it is properly placed in a separate location. Cool air from the compressor is then distributed to various ducts by a network of ducts.

The third type, the portable, cool air conditioning system, comprises a compressor, condenser, evaporator and refrigeration unit. The refrigeration unit has its cooling system, which makes it more efficient than the other types. Portable cooling systems also have their supply ducts.

Window air conditioners, also known as window split air conditioning systems, consist of ductwork situated between the outside wall of the house and the window. The ducts are connected to a thermostatically controlled indoor unit that sends cool air to respective areas through a supply duct system. Window air conditioning systems are also referred to as ductless systems. It is because the refrigerant does not pass through ductwork.