ClearCure: An Effective Orthodontic Device For the Prevention of Over Crowded Teeth

Unlike traditional metal braces, ClearCorrect uses custom-manufactured clear aligners to correct your teeth. During your ClearCorrect procedure, you put on each of your personalized, removable, clear aligners right before your mouth to fasten right after your bite. These aligners move the teeth to where they should be to give you that smile makeover you’ve always wanted. Your dentist will explain how to use the aligners and how often they’ll need to be changed or adjusted.

Even though you only wear these clear aligners once before your treatment, your dentist will likely recommend that you change them during your ClearCorrect treatment from DentalExcellence. Your dentist is particularly concerned about this because of the high failure rate of people with braces who wear them too long and often experience tooth loss or other dental problems. The sooner you start wearing the aligners, the less likely you are to experience problems. If problems do occur, your dentist can adjust your treatment accordingly, making sure that you get the most benefit from your treatment.

Clear CorrectAt first, you’ll wear the clear corrective aligner system for up to two weeks, then for the first two weeks after you wear the aligner system for clear corrective surgery, you wear your removable aligner system only. The first two weeks are the least time that you’ll need to wear clear corrections. You will be told to try not to move your teeth while wearing your aligners, refrain from eating or drinking anything in your mouth other than your aligner’s mouthpiece, and avoid any chewing activity. You have to try to keep your jaw straight so your new aligners can do their job correctly. It’s just as crucial for the aligners themselves to stay on your teeth for the least amount of time possible.

Your dentist ┬áin DentalExcellence will fit you with a specially designed aligner to fit over each tooth to start the treatment. This aligner is also called an Invisalign mouthpiece, and it’s made to be invisible to others. The dentist will also fit dental clips around your teeth so they can hold the mouthpiece in place and teach you how to use it properly. Usually, your aligner will last for two weeks but can usually be used for longer if you follow the dentist’s instructions.

After you complete the first week of treatment, your dentist will remove your aligners, clean your teeth thoroughly with fluoride water and polish, and give you a new set of clearcorrect aligner veneers. The veneers are custom-made to your own teeth measurements and mouth shape, and you’ll be able to see them right away. If you had dental bridges or other metal pieces removed, your dentist would remove them before putting the veneers on. Be sure to ask your dentist about the specific types of veneers that can be used, as well as the proper procedure for removal.

Although many people have thought that Clear Correct can correct a wide variety of dental problems, their primary function has been to correct overcrowded teeth. However, some of their other benefits are to help orthodontists work on those straightening issues that occur after an accident, such as braces that do not align properly. They can also help straighten badly misaligned teeth that may need orthodontic work later on. For most people, though, clear correct is primarily used to treat crowded, crooked, overwintered, or overcrowded teeth that patients may have had due to extensive damage caused by decay, accidents, or certain diseases. When you use this amazing device, you can finally get back your beautiful teeth.