6 Things to Consider Before Enrolling at a Driving School Gold Coast

One of the most important decisions you’ll ever make in your life is learning how to drive. Every day, Australian drivers are faced with a long list of responsibilities that can only be carried out by someone who knows how to operate a vehicle. Whether you’re looking for driving lessons or a full-fledged driver’s license, certain things need to be considered before enrolling at any driving school Gold Coast. 

This article will talk about the different things you need to know before registering at a driving school and what sets it apart from other schools in Gold Coast!

Age Factor

driving-school-gold-coastThe first thing to consider is the age factor. Whether you’re 16 or over, most driving schools require you to be of a certain age before receiving lessons and applying for a license. This can make it difficult if your birthday isn’t coming up soon enough. But don’t worry! There are always private instructors who will take on people even without that requirement. 

For instance, many Gold Coast residents know about the local expert instructor when they want instruction in their own home during evenings and weekends! You won’t have any problem finding an instructor willing to work with your schedule so long as they meet all requirements outlined by the government body responsible for driver’s licenses (currently known as RMS). 

Time Spent Behind the Wheel

Driving lessons are not a quick process. However, your driving instructors will teach you the skills and techniques that are needed to become a safe, knowledgeable driver for life. It is advised to plan on spending at least 15 hours of your own time (outside of theory) to complete all requirements before getting your license. 

Potential Cost

A driving school course typically includes 30 one-hour sessions, which equal 60 hours of tuition; this breaks down as $25/hour or $12 per half an hour session depending on what type of package you take up with them. 

Road Test Passing Rate

What is the driving school’s pass rate? With a high passing rate, you will be able to apply for your license with confidence. Driving lessons are not easy, and it takes time before all of the skills learned start becoming second nature to obtain an even higher level of competency on the road. Practice makes perfect! 

Liability Insurance

The driving school should be insured to provide adequate protection for the students while they are in class. Make sure you ask what type of insurance will cover your tuition and any extra charge involved with taking lessons. 

Driving Lessons Offered

Different driving schools offer different types of classes: from a one-hour session depending on what kind of package you take up with them to an all-day lesson that includes lunch included! Some even have weekend packages where private instructors can teach more serious drivers how to master their skills outside city limits. 


Choosing a driving school Gold Coast is a weighty decision. But once you have selected the right school for your needs, it will be well worth it.