A Guide to Espadrilles

Espadrilles are lightweight, sturdy sandals with a rubber sole and canvas upper. Dockworkers originally wore them in Spain and France, but their style has evolved greatly. The original canvas upper is still preserved and expanded (there are now lace-up espadrilles), and the soles have been made of natural jute, which is very flexible and durable. Espadrilles can be found in several different sizes and designs. Read on for a buying guide to help you choose the right pair of Espadrilles for your next trip! For more information, browse here.


Espadrilles generally cost between twenty and thirty pounds, and they come in several different designs. The most common design features thick leather uppers with canvas on the outside. The classic espadrilles look great with jeans and shorts, but they’re also a great choice for day wear or lounging around. Slip on these with your favourite top or dress, and you won’t be sorry! Many of these slip-on shoes have a canvas on the sides to easily be closed; the inside of the shoe usually has a pull tab or elastic band that you can use to close the shoes.


If you have large, clumsy feet, buying a pair of Espadrilles may not be the best idea. To help you get the perfect fit, make sure the style of the shoe you choose is the correct one for your foot. For instance, if you have wide, flat feet, you will probably need to buy a pair of Espadrilles with a narrow toe box, which has a smaller, less-wide canvas on the inside. A narrow toe box will help prevent your feet from slipping around inside of the shoe. Instead, look for a shoe that has a slightly narrower toe box, or opt for open-toe shoes if you think your feet will grow. For more information, browse here.


The traditional style of Espadrilles is a flat, leather upper, and these are often worn with jeans and a button-down shirt. This is a classic silhouette that looks great. Espadrilles with canvas uppers, on the other hand, offer a little more flexibility. A common alternative is espadrilles with open toes, made of canvas or leather, worn with skinny jeans or a skirt.


One of the main differences between Espadrilles is the type of material they are made from. Usually, these shoes are crafted from cowhide, although you might also see them in snake or ostrich skin. Cowhide offers the best grip, is warmer, and much longer-lasting than the other materials. However, it is not as durable as ostrich skin and can rip more easily. For this reason, it is not uncommon to see Espadrilles with suede outsoles.


As with any footwear, you should take care of your Espadrilles. It is recommended that you apply a leather conditioner or protection treatment every time you wear your Espadrilles. Leather care products like leather cleaner, liquid leather conditioner and spray, or even shoe trees can be used to preserve the life of your Espadrilles. You may also want to read the instructions on the packaging to ensure proper care and maintenance. By following these basic steps, you can have decades of use out of your favourite Espadrilles! For more information, browse here.