Review of the Best Women’s Espadrilles

Espadrilles are a new shoe, a sporty shoe from Coach. It is an offshoot of the menswear line, the originals being called the Meccanico. The Coach brand is for life, so there will never be another version called the Meccanico without Coach’s mark on it. Like all offshoots of the Coach family, the Espadrilles attempt to push the style forward while staying true to the roots. This makes them unlike most of their competitors, whose aim is to take what is popular and make it better, with cuter designs for younger girls and sportier soles for older boys.


I believe the difference between the Espadrilles and similar sporty shoes is that they are not as stiff as their modern counterparts. They tend to have a more forgiving sole and are therefore more comfortable to wear. That is not to say that the modern Espadrilles are less durable, as the point is that they are not meant to be tough. They are meant to be comfortable, sporty, cute, and many other things in between.


The upper is light and barely noticeable, even on an athletic body. The leather is supple and thick and does feel like leather when you run your fingers along with it. It is entirely smooth to touch and has a natural shine to it.


As for the design borrows from many styles, particularly the off-shoulder styles that are so popular right now. It follows the primary trend but adds an extra layer of fun, such as zigzagging panels. These tend to be very good at looking casual while maintaining a sporty look. The only thing is that you can get a little bit too carried away, and it can become a little bit clumsy when trying to land the ball at an appropriate angle.


Colour is also a consideration. While the primary colours are black and brown, Espadrilles come in many more muted hues. That way, you don’t necessarily have to match your shoes to your outfit. You can, however, complement them very well with a nice subtle or contrasting colour.


Finally, style is where Espadrilles shine. They are not your traditional trainer shoes. Instead, they are rather loose and comfortable and more relaxed than your standard trainer shoe. They fit snugly and are not too tight, and they are roomy enough to give you a very natural golf feeling. Women’s espadrilles are worth trying, especially if you are looking to add a touch of casual sportiness to your swing.