Steel As a Door Replacement

If you’ve had to replace your existing security screen door because it was damaged or the locking mechanism doesn’t work quite right, you might be tempted to buy a replacement door instead. This isn’t always such a bad idea. For example, you might find that security glass has become obsolete due to advances in security glass technology. At the same time, security glass technology is rapidly advancing so that today’s security glasses rival those made just a few years ago. So why not consider all of the benefits of upgrading to better security glass for your door?

A security screen door provides security and protection against intruders, just as well as old-fashioned deadbolts and simple locks. But the trouble with old-fashioned security glass is that they’re often flimsy, break easily, get shattered from the pressure of opening, and, most importantly, they’re too easy to cut or punch through. Security glass is different: it is very thin, quite rigid, and completely secure. Plus, it comes with a locking mechanism that is difficult to force. So there’s no question that the door will be more difficult to forge than a door with traditional locking or even hinges.

Another major advantage of Security Screen Doors in Adelaide is that they’re much easier to maintain. Unlike wood or even vinyl, a security screen door is made out of a hard metal alloy. All that means is that you don’t have to scrape, file or print it to keep it looking its best. Also, unlike vinyl, a metal alloy door can take a very low amount of force to open and close. And since it’s so much stronger than old-fashioned glass, a steel door will be virtually bulletproof.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, there’s the fact that these doors are available in many different colors. While wood and even metal can be available in a few colors, steel is available in just about every color under the sun. So, while your old sliding glass door may look beautiful, it may not be as attractive to thieves as a new security screen door with a steel frame. And that makes sense. If a thief sees that your security door frame is made of steel, he’s much less likely to target your home.

In addition to being more attractive and tough, Security Screen Doors in Adelaide are also much easier to install. The process is a simple one, requiring only that you screw the metal frame into place. Then, you apply the powder coat finish and add a key lock to ensure that only you can open the door. If you decide to buy an already-made door, make sure that you don’t put any oil or grease between the door frame and the glass. This will lead to problems later on, as the door frame can get caught in the glass during installation, reducing the lifetime of both the door and the entire security system.

When you combine these very low costs with the fact that security screen doors provide great curb appeal, it’s easy to see why they’re becoming so popular for homes in today’s less-safe climate. With today’s economy, many homeowners are looking for all-in-one solutions to their security needs. Installing a high-quality sliding glass door with an integrated deadbolt lock offers an attractive, durable home protection solution. Security screen doors provide the same benefits for a fraction of the cost.