How Brand Value Factors Into Your Clothes Purchase

Which silk-laundry clothing brands should you choose? It depends on many factors, like your budget, what you’re looking for, and who is making it. The best way to decide which clothing brand is right for you is to determine your likes and dislikes. What are your priorities when it comes to clothing?

silk-laundryEthically made | organic clothing | brands | ethical} Top of the line brands. The best made in the USA; Handcrafted and Fair Trade. What they produce: ethical cotton clothing, made with no chemicals or pesticides. Dependent upon where you shop, price range: starting at about $100, depending on quality. Harvest and Mill are a 100% organic clothing brand from the Pacific Northwest.

eBay has thousands of sellers, many of them selling silk-laundry clothing brands that you probably haven’t heard of. Some are small, locally owned outfits with maybe one employee, and they may only produce a few styles a week or two. But some of the biggest eBay sellers are big international corporations with warehouse facilities worldwide and who ship thousands of products every week. For these sellers, buying and selling on eBay is an excellent opportunity to expand their business, even without a storefront.

Popular brands that sell well. Look for popular brands that have been around for several years and are known for their sustainability credentials. Eco-friendly clothing brands tend to be very popular. Look also for popular, high-quality brands that can be customized for a reasonable price. If you do a little digging, you can find handmade and organic fair trade clothing brands as well. Many of these can be even more affordable than popular brands.

Affordable silk-laundry clothing brands. It’s not easy being a small local business trying to compete with large international fashion companies. That’s why it can be especially helpful to sell your unique custom-made dresses on eBay. Selling custom-made garments is one way for your small business to differentiate itself from the competition. It may also be helpful to get an expert’s opinion as to what kind of dresses would be most appealing for your customers.

Ethical fashion brands. There are some clothing brands out there that are made explicitly with the ethics of the human wearer in mind. These include ethically made dresses and accessories. You’ll also find more niche fashion brands, such as ones made with organic materials. These are typically more expensive, but they often sell for more than designer-label dresses do.